5) Use Emoticons! ☕️

It might seem a bit silly 🤪 but emoticons make such a huge difference in your LifeJournal experience. It gives your journal a personality and helps your tasks stand out. 

🎉 Creating lists or journals with emoticons helps you see a task, daily routine or prayer with a visual cue. 

Trust us, it might take an extra second or two to search for that perfect emoticon to make your LifeJournal pop; but it’s worth it! 👍


4) Find a Journal Method ✍️

There are a thousand different journaling methods out there;

  • Free Writing Journaling 📓
  • Dream Journaling 💭
  • One Line a Day Journaling 〰
  • Bullet Journaling ⚫️
  • Goal Journaling 🏆
  • Audio-to-Text Journaling 🔊
  • and the list goes on… 
No matter what method, or methods you decide to use it will make a huge difference if you decide which one fits your lifestyle and writing style best.
For example; some days you will have the time to sit down and journal what is going on in that season of life, how God is moving and what areas you want to grow in 🌱  or experiences to learn from.

Other days you will only have time to write down that funny thing your kid said 👦 or restaurant you loved. 🌮 

The main thing; have grace on yourself – you don’t have to write a novel to become a pro journal athlete. Just get something in there that you can look back a year, 5 years, 10 years from now and smile because you forgot or because it brings you back to that exact moment and you can see how God was moving every. single. day. throughout your life.


3) "Speak" Your Prayers 🙏

One of our suggestions would be to speak your prayers if you can; there is something powerful in hearing yourself say your prayers out loud. With LifeJournal you can use the dictation 🎙 icon on the bottom right of your keyboard and it will pop up a recorder so you can “speak” your prayers or journal into text format. 

This is a great way to capture the heart and emotion behind your prayers. 😊 

A few tips with this method; it’s okay if Siri doesn’t get everything right. There are going to be times where the words mess up, it misses what you were trying to say, etc. If you talk at a normal speed and clear; Siri will get about 90% of it right – and that’s plenty to be able to go back someday and read your prayers. Chances are you will know exactly what you were thinking and praying about. 🙏 

💥 Pro tip: You can say “new paragraph” while using the dictation tool and it will jump down to a new paragraph for you or say “period” and it will add a period and start a new sentence. 

💥 Pro tip 2: Sometimes it will stop taking notes, just keep an eye on it while you are praying from time to time and make sure that it is still recording the text.

2) Set Realistic Routines ✅

One of the biggest mistakes we see is trying to set too many daily routines and then getting frustrated when you don’t hit them. 😡 Our suggestion is to set realistic daily routines to start; for example in the morning it’s realistic that you will want to pray, journal, spend time in prayer, and write out your thankfulness – maybe that’s all you start with.

From there add 2 or 3 daily routines that help with your family, finances, fitness, or focus goals.

Same thing for the evening, don’t try to add 15 routines you want to hit every night. Start small, and once you see that you are crushing those; add more.

1) Keep it Simple 😄

Finally, don’t worry if you miss a day or don’t hit a daily routine from time to time. You don’t have to be perfect. Only one person has ever been perfect; Jesus. So keep it simple. Write a quick thankfulness note, keep your daily routines short and realistic, add a couple of to-do items that you know you can actually complete, and just write a few bullet points in your journal today. 🤩 

Our prayer and hope is that you are encouraged by LifeJournal and not discouraged or feel like you have to check a box to be a better person!

Nothing you do today will make God love you any more or any less than He does right now. ❤️ 

So have fun, enjoy it, and we are so happy to have you as a part of the Gospel focused community. 

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